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01. Applying Single-Use Efficiencies to Room-to-Room Fluid Transfer

Pharmaceutical and biopharma manufacturers need to move fluids from one cleanroom to another quickly with maximum productivity and minimal effort and expense. Incorporating Single-Use/disposable equipment and practices can help speed and streamline operations while maintaining isolated environments.

This report explains how a wall pass-through system that incorporates Single-Use components can reduce contamination risks and the use of valuable resources.

02. Ten Tips for Single-Use Pharmaceutical Tubing Selection

Tubing used in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications has particular requirements. Among them are the ability to withstand sterilization processes, the delivery of favorable test results regarding extractables and leachables, and the absence of animal-derived ingredients. These industries also have tubing needs involving flexibility, performance and cost that are common to many applications.

This white paper offers ten suggestions on what to look for and research when it comes to narrowing down your single use tubing selection.

03. Closure and Stopper Systems - Getting Big Benefits from Small Components

Protecting your liquid transfer processes—and your investment in biopharmaceutical materials—involves a multitude of components, from tubing and piping, to connectors and filters, to bioreactors and storage vessels. One of the easiest aspects of liquid transfer to overlook or take for granted is closure and stopper systems.

This document discusses the features and advantages the ideal closure system should offer and how you can realize sizable benefits from relatively small components.

04. How Molded Manifold Assemblies Prevent Leaks and Costly Consequences

Moving fluid from point A to point B typically involves a number of tubing-to-fitting connections…connections that can leak and result in contamination, production delays, lost income and headaches. By incorporating molded connections, the risk of leaks is greatly reduced and the success rate of maintaining sterile pharma and biopharma products is increased.

Download this paper to read how at-risk your fluid transfer systems may be and how you can improve them with molded connections.



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