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Thank you for your interest in AdvantaPure products. Request printed copies of our individual literature pieces by selecting the desired products, and filling out your mailing information below. To view or download a printable copy, click on the PDF link.

Tubing and Hose Products

Silicone Tubing and Hose

AdvantaSil® Silicone Tubing and Hose Catalog
Send | AdvantaSil_catalog.pdf

APST - Silicone Tubing
Send | APST_Silicone_Tubing.pdf
APHP - High Pressure Silicone Tubing
Send | High_Pressure_Tubing.pdf
APLT - Ultra Low Temperature Silicone Tubing
Send | Ultra_Low_Temp_Tubing.pdf
APSPG - Silicone Peristaltic Pump Grade Tubing
Send | APSPG_Silicone_Pump_Tubing.pdf
APSH - Silicone Hose
Send | APSH_Silicone_Hose.pdf
APSH-DB - Double-Braided Silicone Hose
Send | APSH-DB_Silicone_Hose.pdf
APSW - Wire Reinforced, Silicone Suction Hose
Send | APSW_Silicone_Hose.pdf

Biopharmaceutical TPE Tubing

APAF-BP - AdvantaFlex® Biopharm Grade TPE Tubing
Send | AdvantaFlex.pdf

Process Hoses

APFOS - Stainless Steel Overbraided PTFE Hose
Send | APFOS-APFOSJ_Hose.pdf
APEWF - EPDM Food and Beverage Hose
Send | APEWF_Hose.pdf


General Product Info

Products and Services Brochure - a general overview of the AdvantaPure product line
Send | AdvP_Products_Srvcs.pdf
Complete AdvantaPure Literature Binder
contains all of the brochures listed above, conveniently assembled in a three-ring binder

Single-Use Assemblies and Molded Products

Single-Use Tubing Assemblies
Send | Single_Use_Tubing_Assemblies.pdf
Single-Use Molded Manifolds
Send | Single_Use_Manifolds.pdf
Single-Use Silicone Manifold Connections
Send | Single_Use_Silicone_Connections.pdf
Single-Use AdvantaFlex Manifold Connections
Send | Single-Use AdvantaFlex Connections.pdf
Single-Use Filling Assemblies
Send | Filling_Assemblies.pdf
Molded Silicone Assemblies
Send | Silicone_Assemblies.pdf
BioClosure® Systems - High Purity Container Closures
Send | BioClosure_Systems.pdf


Pass-Through Technology

Send | AdvantaPass Pass-Through Technology.pdf


RFID Solutions

Hose Track® - RFID and Hose Lifecycle Analysis System
Send | Hose_Track.pdf
P•E•T Process Equipment Tracking®
Send | PET_Process_Equipment_Tracking.pdf
GammaTag® - Gamma Sterilizable RFID Tags
Send | GammaTag.pdf


Custom Services

Stainless Steel Armor Casing
Send | Armor_Casing.pdf

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