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DocuLink® Manifold Assembly Identification System

DocuLink is a service designed to save time and effort during document retrieval. DocuLink identifies a single use system on the product itself — not only on the bag from which it was removed — by use of a permanently affixed label encapsulated into the molded silicone connector.

DocuLink lists the individual part number and lot number to allow quick lookup of documents such as certificates of compliance and certificates of analysis.

Molded silicone manifolds are often supplied to customers in labeled bags. Once a manifold is removed from a bag, its individual identification and tracking information — lot numbers, part numbers, and all supplied certificates — are separated. Document retrieval for audits and validations becomes time consuming, tedious, and expensive. DocuLink addresses this burden by providing identification directly on each manifold in the form of a silicone-encased label.


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Manifold I.D. Number can be linked to an online data management site (optional)


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